For a show to leave its traces in the crowd’s hearts, it necessitates relatable content, a compelling storyline, and captivating characters. Safe to say, the cauldron of Panchayat S2 had all these potions, making it the talk of the town that it is.

And, the characters! I’m not sure if any fictional character has ever made me smile wide until my jaw hurts as much as Prahlad and Vikas did. And these 10 scenes are proof.

1. When a snake had terrified Abhishek and Siddharth, everybody was in search of the same.

Although they couldn’t find the snake, we got our dose of laughter.

2. When Vikas innocently admits that he’s sprayed a scent to impress Vidhayak ji. 

I’m officially in love with the comebacks that these guys have in handy!

3. When Prahlad painted a picture by simply talking about what a chilled beer in summers could feel like. 

May I come along, please? 

4. When Vikas implanted the idea of Rinky and Abhishek’s brewing romance, we screamed SAME!

Although not on the surface, Rinky and Abhishek’s romance was bubbling underground and Prahad and Vikas sensed it before anyone else.

5. When Prahlad and Vikas persuaded Abhishek to see the naach, something he would not have done otherwise.

Took you back to your friends convincing you to do something that you wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for them?

When Prahlad and Vikas foiled Vinod’s plan by making him a promise which left us in splits.

Well, that ‘shit’ was tense. 

7. When Vikas figured out the lauki Abhishek carried in his bag to deal with Bhushan. 

Vikas indeed doesn’t leave any issue unresolved. 

8. When the Panchayat installed a CCTV camera in the village, giving rise to many questions. 

Find a person who explains better than Vikas, I’ll wait. 

9. When Vikas and Prahlad didn’t let Abhishek go back to his home ‘cos they knew what prompted him to take that decision. 

I want friends like them. Is it too much to ask for? 

10. When Prahlad didn’t mind before taking a dig at Pradhanji himself. 

It’s hilarious the number of times he’s embarrassed Pradhanji.

Their smiles light up my screen even if I don’t turn up the brightness. This is precisely the impression these characters have had on me.

All images are screenshots from Amazon Prime Video.