If you ask me, Prateek Kuhad’s songs transcend me into a world full of romance, and it’s hard to unplug from that feeling. His songs hit differently when you’re in love or are going through a heartbreak. Thanks to Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, Cold/Mess, Kasoor, and Tum Jab Paas, we have tons of songs for every emotion.

The singer who is known for his romantic ballads is going through a heartbreak himself. Parteek who was in a relationship with Niharika Thakur has parted ways and said:

No, I am not (in a relationship). I have not been really vocal about it for a while. Some people still think (I’m in a relationship), but I have not been in a relationship for a little while now. Things ended some time ago. I don’t want to get too personal. But I’m single. I broke up recently.

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This led to desis pouring memes on Twitter, and they cannot wait to hear more of his new songs. Tweeples have bombarded social media with memes. Have a look:

Prateek Kuhad’s music and lyrics literally stimulate your heart into love.

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