Recently as Alia Bhatt came forward to announce the news of her pregnancy in a heartwarming Instagram post, some people just couldn’t hold back on the sexism. 

There were a lot of insensitive and uncalled for comments about the timing of her pregnancy. But according to an interview, Bhatt is as sure as ever about this life decision of hers (and we couldn’t be happier for her). 

While many people made comments about how she announced the happy news so soon after her wedding. Others were quick to question how becoming a parent would impact her career (classic sexism, folks. I mean how can women be mothers AND have successful careers? Right?). 

And Alia Bhatt’s response to all this BS is what I would like to send out a *chefs kiss* to. Because she’s really responded with grace and strength here. 

Of course, I am young, but why does that have to change anything? Why does having a family or child change my professional life? They are two completely different things. I would continue to and prefer to lead by example and action instead of giving any attention to the nonsensical things… I consciously want to follow my heart and go with my instinct and gut. That’s exactly what I have done through my professional and personal life and things have worked out beautifully.

-Alia Bhatt told PTI

Can we please hold back on the need to comment on everything about everyone? Some things are really off limits.