Priyanka Chopra recently launched her homeware collection ‘Sona Home’, glorifying the Indian heritage. This beautiful collection includes dinnerware, table linens and other everyday decor items. 

But with ‘vibrant designs, timeless refinement, and joyful details’ comes exorbitant prices, I guess? Don’t get me wrong, the collection is beautiful, but the pricing for these everyday items seems a tad bit high. And with a tad bit, I mean really high.

Again, I know these are designer products and I shouldn’t ideally convert the $ into INR and consider the purchasing power parity, but I’m gonna do it just for comparison sake. 

1. Coasters for ₹4,500

2. Cocktail napkins for ₹5,300

3. Bread Baskets for ₹7,500

4. Bottle cooler for ₹30,000

5. Bottle coaster for ₹3,800

6. Straws for ₹2,200

7. Tablecloth for ₹30,000

8. Tablerunner for ₹14,000

9. Bread covers for ₹4,500

10. Placemats for ₹11,700

11. Chutney pots for ₹15,000

Maybe these prices will seem okay to the high-end customers and maybe I’m not even the target audience for these but to me, these prices seem too high. And I’m not alone here, even Reddit agrees. 

My broke ass can’t even…

All the images are screenshots from Sona Home’s website.