Being late is not a mistake, it is a habit. A lot of us have this bad habit and just can’t seem to get rid of it. If you can identify with any of the following points, then you might just be one of them .

1. You truly believe that your clock is possessed by an evil spirit.

You wake up in the morning and look at your clock. It’s 8. You think you’ll sleep for another 15 minutes and presto! It’s 10!

2. Your friends and family know you’re a hopeless “late lateef.”

They know you’ll be late. So for a family function that’s scheduled for 9, they’ll invite you at 7.

3. You can’t remember a single time when you were on time for school.

Standing outside the classroom and being sent back home was a regular affair for you.


4. You were really happy when you joined college.

Finally, you arrived at a place where no one is on time and the lectures don’t matter!

5. You’ve messed up hundreds of dates because you reached half an hour late.

Yeah baby. I’ll just be there in like 5 minutes. *Arrives half an hour later*

6. You’ve mastered the art of lying about your whereabouts.

You’ve become so good at it that you can actually convince someone that you’ve boarded a train when you’re still brushing your teeth. Amazingly, people tend to believe you all the time.

7. You’ve missed a flight scare at least once in your life.

And when it happened, you swore that you would always be on time for everything. You forgot about it half an hour later.


8. You have multiple alarms set in your cellphone and clocks for waking up in the morning.

Amazingly, you manage to cancel and snooze them all and still get late for work.


9. An interesting side effect of your problem is that you’ve become really good at getting ready quickly.

Other people take their own sweet time to get ready in the morning. You act like you’re part of the pit crew in an F1 race.

10. On the one day in a thousand when you actually reach on time for something, you feel like you’ve climbed Mount Everest.

You start believing that you can do this every day. And then you go back to square one the next day.

11. Even if you live 5 minutes away from your school/college/workplace, you’ll still be late by at last fifteen minutes.

And you wonder how that’s even possible.

12. And it’s not like you’re just late for boring stuff. You’re late for everything.

You’re late for school. You’re late for work. You’re late for gym. You’re late for your Zumba classes. You’re late for dates. You’re late for “Late People Help Groups”… The list is endless.

13. People have taken to calling you lazy.

But you’re not lazy. You’re just, well, chronologically challenged. They should see you when you head for work. It’s like an epic mix of parkour and Jackass.

14. Whenever you’re going somewhere, you’re always running.

Run Late Lateef run!

You hate the fact that you’re late all the time. And you feel that you can never change.

But hey, maybe for you, even change is taking its own sweet time. And it’s like they say,

Better late than never!

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