The trailer of Race 3 was not just a preview of the movie, it was a compilation of valuable life lessons to live by, lessons like these: 

The trailer for Race 3 lasted only 3 minutes, but the gems that this trailer provided us, are countless.

In just 1 trailer, Race 3 proved that this movie is a ‘family’ mystery that even Sherlock may fail to solve. 

Skidding bikes and burning cars was something I was prepared for. 

But I was not prepared for this astounding life philosophy. 

Or abs that last forever. Seriously, such abs, much wow!

But my main takeaway is this mantra which I’ll use for every life-decision I ever make. 

Is that a bird, is that a plane, is that a chopper? It’s just another unforgettable wonder from the trailer.

Have a bike? Will do a stunt! Because #Roadiebanega. 

And no one can miss the desi Charlie’s Angels. 

Clearly, the Twitterati is just as impressed with the trailer as we are:

Is there a premium show available for this movie?

Watch the breathtaking trailer again here: 

Movie releases on June 15.