A lot of things have been deemed controversial, especially when it comes to Bollywood. From cold-wars between actors, to movies and songs, there are some things that just stir up a lot of drama!

So, in case you were wondering what are some of these controversial things, here is a list of Hindi songs involved in national controversies. Take a look.

1. Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose (Delhi Belly, 2011, unreleased)

The song had accidentally infringed upon copyrights of a song by two artists (Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra) that had already named a piece of their work ‘BoseDK.’ Eventually though, Aamir Khan, who produced the film, settled the whole issue. Also, the lyrics of the song caused a lot ruckus as well. In fact the Censor Board was questioned about how they even approved of the song. 


2. Title track (Aaja Nachle, 2007)

Aaja Nachle’s title track got in trouble for allegedly having casteist lyrics. It was even banned from releasing in Uttar Pradesh! But, the lyrics were later on removed completely from the song, and Yash Raj Films also apologized for hurting anyone’s sentiments. 

3. Munni Badnaam Hui (Dabangg, 2010) 

TBH this song is sexist, but back when it had released, Munni Badnaam Hui was booked for having indecent and immortal lyrics and visuals. And, Emami (the parent company of Zandu Balm) even sent a legal notice over to Arbaaz Khan Productions Private Limited for using their brand’s name in the song without their consent. 

4. Radha ( SOTY, 2012)

Filmmaker Karan Johar, producer Gauri Khan and others had a criminal case filed against them for hurting the religious sentiments of people by referring to Radha (also a religious figure) as ‘sexy.’

5. Dhan Te Nan (Kaminey, 2009)

Dhan Te Nan was also called out for casteist lyrics. The Rashtriya Teli Rathore Chetna Mahasangh and SP Rajya Sabha member Ram Narayan Sahu complained to the Censor Board to remove the word ‘Teli,’ from the song. And eventually, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj changed the word to ‘Dilli.’ 

6. Kafirana (Joker, 2012)

The lyrics of this song were changed from ‘I want Fakht you,’ to ‘I want just you.’ The video of the song leaked, and ultimately caused a lot chatter around the aforementioned lyrics, which is why filmmaker Shirish Kunder took immediate action and changed them. 

7. Title track (Dum Maro Dum, 2011)

We all remember how this song’s lyrics made a lot of people uncomfortable. Plus, people didn’t take too well to the fact that it was a disappointing remix of a really good, classic song. And while the song lyrics were taken legally, both Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman complained about the remake. None of them truly liked the new version, it didn’t sit right with them. 

8. Jana Gana Mann Rann (Rann, 2010)

The Censor Board had banned the title track of Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann, because the lyrics were inspired by the national anthem, and people were definitely not okay with the film altering and messing around with our anthem. Ultimately Varma ended up replacing the song with Vande Mataram.

9. Baby Baby Mujhe Log Bole (Khuddar, 1993)

The song’s lyrics were, ‘Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bole,’ originally. But the word ‘sexy’ in the song seemed to offend many people, hence the lyrics were changed. TBH, this is just absurd. *facepalming self*

10. Panghat by Kanika Kapoor, 2021

The saints of Mathura, UP have demanded a ban on the song for hurting religious sentiments by showing ‘obscene moves,’ in it. And Mahesh Pathak of Akhil Bhartiya Teerth Purohit Mahasabha has also voiced himself saying that the song has tarnished the image of the Brajbhoomi of Lord Krishna. Originally, the song was named Madhuban and it has now been changed to Panghat. 

What’s a song without good beats, and a little controversy?