In a clip that is being shared on social media, the host of the reality show Dance Deewane 3, Raghav Juyal, can be witnessed saying something incomprehensible that is ‘supposed to be’ Chinese.

He later goes on to say invite a young contestant from Assam, and tells the judges that while no one can understand the girl’s Chinese, they can understand her dance.

It’s unreal that this racist bit was first written, then performed, then edited, and aired on television. Even the judges seem to be playing along as not a single one of them expresses displeasure over it or protests even a little.

The incident has been getting a lot of letigimate criticism online and here are some of the reactions.

Meanwhile, Raghav Juyal has released a video giving an “explanation”. He says that when asked about her hobbies, Gunjan said she can talk in Chinese. And from that point on, this became a joke.

Well if she has an interest in the Chinese language, that’s good for her, but to make a ‘funny’ bit out of it in the way they did on the show is still wrong.

Endlessly problematic.