Rakhi Sawant is quite an entertainer. Isn’t she? While some people believe otherwise, Rakhi oozes drama and how. The actress-dancer often has fun interactions with paparazzi and her viral videos are proof of it. The Bigg Boss fame also knows how to crack lame jokes and make people laugh out loud.

Source: ETimes

Recently, Rakhi Sawant apparently stepped in to watch Salman Khan’s film, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan in a movie theatre. A video of Rakhi having a hilarious interaction with a cashier while buying popcorn is going viral on Twitter.

A Twitter user @hajarkagalwa shared the clip, originally posted by Viral Bhayani, in which Rakhi can be seen purchasing a big bucket of popcorn.

Source: Viral Bhayani

When the cashier asks her about the mode of payment, she replies saying, “Mera mood hi nahi hai payment ke liye, mood of payment!?” “Mood of payment means?” Rakhi asks him back. The cashier then explains her if she would like to pay for popcorn via card or cash. To which, Rakhi adds, “Acha mujhe laga mood of payment…payment ka toh mood hi nahin hai.”

Source: Viral Bhayani
Source: Viral Bhayani

“This is what am gonna say from now on,” the Twitter user wrote.

Watch the video here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to her fun interaction:


It is relatable AF, especially to those who are mostly broke in month’s end. Isn’t it? Rakhi being Rakhi after all.