There need not be a reason for Rakhi Sawant to go viral. She attracts people simply by being who she is, unapologetically real and brutally honest.

Rakhi Sawant videos

She is famous for being a motor-mouth. More often than not, she’s been captured saying things we never could.

Rakhi Sawant memes

These days, a small clip of Rakhi walking and avoiding a fan has become the fodder for memes. In a pap video, she’s seen sporting a hilariously flat expression, walking like a model when a man comes requesting a picture. She pauses, looks at him, and resumes walking as if nothing ever happened.

The video has also gone viral on Twitter (now, X) Take a look:

Well, naturally, the clip is winning hearts. Rakhi is ignoring the man like we ignore our problems.

Rakhi truly is a vibe!