Dil Dhadakne Do is one of our favourite Bollywood films. With well-defined characters and a little bit of everything – from romance to laughs and family drama, it won our hearts. 

However, my favourite characters from the film are not the big banner names that grab eyeballs. But the two characters that spent the entire film playing hide-and-seek from their parents. 

Noorie and Rana, the star-crossed lovers, the Romeo & Juliet, who are undeniably in love and are terrible at hiding it. 

When Divya puked on Rana’s shoes, sparks flew for these two. 

And then the subtle glances were caught and they went down a deep spiral of clandestine romance. 

They stayed up all night talking, and fell in love, despite knowing that their families couldn’t stand each other. 

They were so desperate for approval that they even went along with Kabir’s irrational plan. 

But what really sets them apart, is that these two barely had any dialogues, and yet their love story is the one that all of us remember. It’s woven into the storyline so well, that even thought they don’t talk to each other, their eyes said it all. Petition for Rana and Noorie to get their own movie!

All images are screenshots from the movie on Netflix.