The Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani might have given fans some globetrotting goals, but we can’t deny that the character Bunny was a glaring red flag

Bollywood Hungama

Since they are fictitious, movies try to get away with being problematic, but not when they’re referenced in real life to prove a point. And Ranbir Kapoor did precisely that. 

Speaking to the media about his past relationships, Ranbir remarked that after much reflection, he now prefers daal chawal over keema pav, tangdi kebab and hakka noodles. Now, this is an obvious parallel to his famed YJHD dialogue. It gets worse when he further says that Alia adds the tadka, aachar, and pyaaz to the daal chawal. Creepy AF.

Was it really necessary to compare Alia Bhatt to daal chawal in order to suggest that he likes stability in life? Does saying that one loves his wife out of fashion or something? 

India TV News

When women are carelessly referred to as “ghar ki murgi” and other derogatory terms in society, celebrities casually objectifying women in public only serves to exacerbate the situation.

Twitter is certainly appalled at this callous remark by Ranbir in the press conference and is calling him out. 

For anyone, referencing any YJHD dialogue exudes major red flag energy. Do not ever attempt it. Louder for people in the back.