For us true Game of Thrones fans, Diwali and Christmas can come and go, but the most festive time of the year will always be in April every year. We’ve been waiting with baited breath for the latest season of the worldwide sensation. And the leaked pictures of season 7 shoots aren’t doing a whole lot to help us be patient.

In the festive spirit of Diwali, one of us die-hard fans u/cbsxact7 went out and expressed their love for the show on RedditRangoli style. Behold, the Targaryen house sigil surrounded by diyas.


The rangoli, as you can see, has three dragons in it, just like on the flags of the almighty Khaleesi. And it’s only fitting that this royal sigil was outlined with fire. So that no one but the Daenerys Stormborn, first of her name, the Unburnt Queen of Mereen, Queen of the Andals and the first men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the breaker of chains, the mother of dragons *deep breath* would dare to to ruin it.

The Berry

We sure hope you had great Diwali, fellow GoT lovers. As great as 7th season is going to be. Even though, let’s face it, what are the odds of anything being that awesome..?