Bollywood has given some true gems over the years. Most of these gems also happen to be highly unscientific. While we have ignored the sci-fi genre for obvious reasons, there are still scenes that would give my high school physics teacher a mild cardiac arrest. 

#21 Amar Akbar Anthony

This is a scene where science takes 100-year-leap and three brothers get involved in a direct blood transfusion to save their mom. They can do all this because ‘Maa ka pyaar‘ and also because they were triplets.

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#20 Jaani Dushman

Arman Kohli‘s snake dude becomes the unholy combination of the villain from Terminator 2 and every character from The Matrix


#19 Diya Aur Toofan

They do a brain transplant scene. I could explain it if I knew what the hell was happening in the scene. 


#18 Tum Mere Ho

Aamir Khan‘s character asks a snake to suck out the poison from another human’s body, who had been bitten by a snake. And nope, this is not an exaggeration or an ‘honest’ description. It’s what happens. 


#17 Race 2

And you thought Fast & Furious took it too far. These guys jump off a crashing plane on a car, that happens to have parachutes, which they use to land safely on some cliff. 

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#16 Singham

While over the top action sequences are expected from a Rohit Shetty film, this was perhaps a bit too much. Singham, our hero, walks out in slow motion, while his police car drifts away at least about 40-50 km/hr. Everyone else is in slow motion, except our main man here. 


#15 Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

This is the scene where Pankaj Kapoor gets into an accident and flies out and lands safely, like a fluffy old Superman.


#14 Race 3

Salman Khan lifts a rocket launcher and launches rockets at will. Mind you, this is a weapon that is to be loaded on the back of heavy-duty military trucks and have to be operated by a bunch of people because you know, just the recoil will kill you. 


#13 Clerk

In what can be described as the most Desh bhakti scene ever shot, Ashok Kumar, who is suffering from a cardiac arrest gets up and gets better because Manoj Kumar’s character finds a battery for an old radio that plays patriotic songs. 


#12 Border

Suneil Shetty sleeps with his head buried in the hot sands in the deserts of Rajasthan because he thinks the soil knows he’s Indian and will protect him.

#11 Gunda

Mithun da uses a cycle as a shield. He hides behind, or at least he thought he was hiding behind the cycle. He stays crouched and shoots the bad guys down. But the bad guys just don’t seem to hit the target. 


#10 Singham

Despite being considered as one of Ajay Devgn more competent movies, the film is severely comical in terms of its action scenes. Here, Devgn’s character uproots a lamp post and just smacks people around with it. Also, throughout the film, every time he slaps a bad guy on the head, they just bounce off the floor. 


#9 Ajooba

While we could not exactly find this particular video online, you can watch it in the film here. In this particular scene, Amitabh Bachchan’s mother is a dolphin. Go figure!

#8 Junoon

In this scene, Rahul Roy transforms into a tiger. That’s it!

DNA India

#7 Karan Arjun

Apparently DNA and genetics and all that is nonsense. Because twin brothers, who have died return to their mother looking the way they did in their previous life, despite having being born to different parents. 


#6 Kya Kehna

Saif Ali Khan rides a bike and jumps it from one cliff to another, that are at a distance of at least about 50-60 mts and does so without even needing a ramp. 


#5 16 December

In this scene, a child helps defuse a bomb by getting the bad guy to say the magic code words, ‘Dushmann ki vidaai ka waqt badalna hai‘. Explaining what happens in this scene is almost impossible because everything that could happen, does happen here. You can always check it on YouTube


#4 Shapath 

In this scene, you’ll find bad guys flying out of nowhere and Jacky Shroff just catching them mid-air and tossing them around. You’ll also see bad guys unloading their automatic rifles on Mithun Da, who gets hit a million and one times but never once bleeds. 


#3 Ghajini

I get that the movie’s intention was to exaggerate but Aamir Khan straight up slaps a dude’s head off. Firstly, I am pretty sure that’s illegal. Secondly, HOW?  

#2 Baaghi 3

Tiger Shroff just takes out 3 helicopters and a bunch of tanks, like he were the freaking Hulk. There’s no superhuman explanation behind this. He is just a regular dude who seems like he went to a Dojo as a kid to learn karate. 

#1 Amar Akbar Anthony

It’s only apt that we finish with this film. There is a scene in this film where a blind Nirupa Roy gets her eyesight back just by staring blankly at a statue of Saibaba. 


This is why we still believe in alternative mumbo jumbo.