Apart from being pumped with countless start-up ideas, Shark Tank India has taught me the value of sheer determination. If you’re wondering if this is in allusion to the pitchers or Sharks who have earned a name for themselves, then it’s time to put the main guy into the spotlight *drumrolls* Rannvijay Singha.

Rannvijay is that guy in Shark Tank India who you may despise but can’t seem to get rid of. To simply put- the human avatar of unskippable ads on YouTube. May a storm wreck havoc, but he won’t faze away from doing his job. UpGrad and Flipkart couldn’t have done it themselves in all these years, what Rannvijay did for them in one single month!

Tribune India

Case in point: A Twitter user hilariously pointed out Rannvijay selling an MBA course in upGrad to a pitcher who’s holding a Ph.D. degree from IIT at the young at age of 26. Apart from that, he’s also an electrical engineer and an alumnus of one of the world’s oldest universities.

Twitter is always fuelled with hilarious STI content, thanks to Rannvijay. Have a look at some of the finest reactions here. 

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Back stage never got funnier.