Greta Gerwig’s Barbie recently hit the theatres and oh boy, what a visual treat it was. Margot Robbie was perfectly cast for the role of Barbie; but it wasn’t just her who stole the show. Ryan Gosling nailed his part and brought Ken to life beautifully. He made all of us fall in love with Ken.

barbie ken

And that made desi people think about which Bollywood actor could pull off Ken and his quirks perfectly. We found a thread on the Bollywood Blinds N Gossip community where people shared their suggestions for Ken. The answers truly hit the bull’s eye. Read the responses below.

1. “Ranveer Singh is Ken when he’s around Deepika. The guy will do full justice to all aspects of Ken.” – Noobita2803

Sky News

2. “Vicky Kaushal because Ken is both a himbo but also obsessed with Barbie.” – turtlemons

barbie movie
Money Control

3. “I always used to say that Riteish Deshmukh in Housefull gave me a lot of Ken vibes. I have been saying it for years.” – theregionalmanager

The Statesman

4. “Young Salman Bhai perfect hota, IMO.” – AcceptableRelief8967

salman khan

5. “Shahid Kapoor in his soft boy era. Best possible choice for Ken.” – mirage_in_water

shahid kapoor

6. “I think Ayushmann Khurrana would do a great job. Desi Ken who sings, plays the guitar, and can be very rustic and prudent when the need be.” – crushingontomcruise

Ayushmann Khurrana

7. “Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor would be great too!” – Visible-Wall2153

hrithik roshan

8. “Karan Johar. And he will win awards for this.” – Avin_Ash211

karan johar
Telegraph India

9. “I think Ishaan Khatter would be a great choice for Ken!” – HrithiksRoshani

ishaan khatter
Hindustan Times

10. “Ranbir Kapoor. He’ll be good at that deadpan look.” – Rich_Plantain4517

ranbir singh
Hindustan Times

11. “Considering how old Ryan looks as Ken, we might as well cast Shah Rukh Khan.” – SrN_007

Deccan Herald

12. “IMO, Farhan Akhtar would be great.” – Aggravating-Funny726

farhan akhtar

Tell us which Bollywood actor you think has the chops to pull off a Ken as effortlessly as Ryan Gosling.

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