Ranveer Singh’s performance in 83 is lauded by many in Bollywood. And we agree, no one could play Kapil Dev with such precision as he did. 

With uncanny looks and outstanding acting, Ranveer has pulled off the character very well. 

But the most energetic actor in Bollywood got all emotional with the love and praise he’s getting. ‘It’s a miracle that I became an actor’, he said. 

In his recent interview, Ranveer broke down in tears and said, “The love that is coming my way, I am overwhelmed. It’s a miracle that I became an actor.”

When asked why is it? Ranveer said

Every time I open my phone, I see messages from ex-colleagues that I haven’t connected to in years. There are friends of mine when I use to struggle in theatre in Mumbai. I have got messages from them. The way people are expressing it, I never felt it before. This one is extra special.

“I have never felt this before, and it’s many happy feelings at once.” Talking about how he has got extremely emotional about 83, Ranveer added.

I don’t like to cry publicly. I feel embarrassed later. I cry too easily these days. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic, and what’s happening around us makes me very emotional. 

83 is a sports movie that talks about the victory of team India at the 1983 cricket World Cup. Directed by Kabir Khan, it also features Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Tripathi among the other talented cast. 

No wonder Ranveer excels in every department.

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