Love him, hate him or roast him but you just can’t ignore him. Ranveer Singh just happens to you. Just like everyday situations in life. Here are 21 Ranveer Singh GIFs that perfectly describe everyday situations in life.

1. When your new shampoo not only fights dandruff but makes your hair super silky too!

2. And your namak laden toothpaste gives you gleaming white pearlies!

3. When you are forced to take a bath in winter.

4. When you see someone wearing sports shoes under formal pants.

5. When you taste alcohol for the first time and realise it’s no big deal.

6. After your 5th peg of whiskey.

7. Checking if your parents are home or not.

8. When you find out they’re not and you can finally watch porn without headphones.

9. Trying for a champagne effect from a Mountain Dew bottle.

10. When you complete an office/college assignment before time!

11. After ringing your neighbour’s bell for the 6th time!

12. Pampering your elder sibling for the latest Apple gadget!

13. When you know some gossip that no one else in the group does.

14. But nobody believes you when you tell them.

15. When you’re about to scare someone from behind!

16. Your reaction when your friend’s girlfriend tries to get cosy with you.

17. But on second thoughts, you see no harm in it!

18. That moment when your mom catches you with your girlfriend!

17. How you see yourself in dreams every night.

18. How people see you every day.

19. After a rigorous workout at the gym.

20. When you fail on your life’s most anticipated night.

21. For once, doing your thing and not caring about the world.

If only you had a SWAG like Ranveer Singh!