Ranveer Singh has replaced Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming movie – Don 3. While some might think that this can harbour enmity between the two stars, the reality is far from it. Ranveer Singh has always adored SRK (like most of us, duh!). The two actors share a great rapport off-screen. And these seven moments prove that Ranveer Singh has always been a Shah Rukh Khan fanboy.

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1. When he wrote the sweetest note for Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan after taking over Don.

In his Instagram post, Ranveer Singh shared pictures from his childhood and wrote how watched and worshipped Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan – “the two G.O.A.Ts of Hindi Cinema” – as a child. He added that how he dreamt of growing up to be like them. In his note, he wrote, “My two supernovas, The Big B and SRK, I hope I can make you proud.” Tell us that’s not cute.


2. When he could not stop staring at Shah Rukh Khan’s photo at the 19th Marrakech International Film Festival.

Last year Ranveer Singh was awarded the prestigious Étoile d’or Award – an honour that has been awarded only to Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan from Bollywood. When he had gone to receive the award, he saw a picture of Shah Rukh Khan on the wall along with pictures of other actors. He had his fanboy moment and he could not help himself but click a picture with it.

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3. When Ranveer Singh called Shah Rukh Khan his idol.

During the trailer release of Cirkus, Ranveer Singh said,

“Never thought I’d become an actor, but I could dream of it by seeing him (SRK) on screen, I’ve grown up seeing him, he’s my idol. Shah Rukh Khan’s contribution to Hindi cinema is one of a kind. The way he has earned love and given love, and if I can do even a tiny bit like him, then my life will be fulfilled.”

4. When he recreated SRK’s Tu Mere Saamne from Darr.

In 2016, Ranveer Singh was vacationing in Switzerland. And he found it to be the perfect opportunity to recreate Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla starrer Tu Mere Saamne song from Darr (1993). Not just the location and the moves, Ranveer also managed to get the clothes and even the hair right! He had posted this video on his Facebook page. You can watch it here.


5. When Ranveer had his jabra fan moment with SRK.

When SRK’s Fan was released in 2016, it was the perfect opportunity for Ranveer Singh to prove how big of a fan he is of the actor. And best believe, Ranveer grabbed the opportunity. He posted a video of him dancing in front of the poster of Fan. But that wasn’t the surprise. The surprise was that Shah Rukh was hiding behind the poster. He turned up in the middle of Ranveer’s dance and rolled his eyes. Awestruck Ranveer just fell to the floor.


6. When Ranveer felt like Shah Rukh Khan.

In one of his Instagram live videos in 2020, Ranveer Singh was seen grooving to a song. The song was Tesher’s ‘Young Shahrukh’. And obviously, Ranveer Singh was moving to the lines, “feel like Shah Rukh Khan.” The video was just the party vibe that you need.


7. When Ranveer Singh praised Shah Rukh Khan’s impact on Bollywood.

In an interview with Film Companion, Ranveer Singh said,

“I was telling a third person that he won’t say himself, but inhone jo mall banaya hai usme hum apni choti dukaan chala rahe hain (he has built this mall where we are running our small shops). And that’s the truth you know, he is a pioneer, he has made Indian entertainment what it is, such is his contribution. He made award shows, live shows, advertising, film promotions. He is the benchmark, the norm, he defines it.”

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