It’s no news that Ranveer Singh’s eccentric and unmatched fashion gives us some major camp vibes. It’s probably the only thing that’s as energetic and loud as him. 

Mid Day

Well, recently, Ranveer revealed the OG fashionista of his family and gave us a glimpse of where he gets his lively sartorial taste from!

That’s right folks, his nanaji aka, his ‘Gucci Gran’ sporting a bucket hat along with an oversized pair of retro sunglasses hanging from a chunky gold chain is looking like the gangsta of all fashion inspirations. 


Well, a couple of months ago, Ranveer was seen flaunting the same look, and honestly, we can’t decide which Bhavani-Hingorani fashionista wore it better!

OMG, I just realised that these yellow-tinted shades are the same ones Ranveer wore during the world cup! 


Now that I know of Ranveer’s ‘Gucci Gran’ I’m starting to think maybe his amazing collection of retro oversized glasses and shades might be borrowed from him! 

Netizens sure as hell cannot get enough of Ranveer’s Gucci Gram slaying his gangsta look: 

Let’s start a petition to get Ranveer’s Gucci gran to slay on the carpets of Met Gala!