The viral video of Rashi sabotaging Gopi Bahu by taking the chana off the cooker has been doing the rounds. But before we go ahead and paint Rashi the bad guy, there is something you guys should know. 

India TV

Yeh Rashi thi, who actually saved Gopi Bahu from an evil Masterji and sacrificed her life in Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Who knew Rashi was basically a great gal all along? 


An ‘evil’ guy, Masterji kidnaps Gopi and tries forcing her to marry him, but Rashi saves her sister (yes Rashi and Gopi are cousins, get with it) and gets killed in the process. She gets hit over the head by a steel rod and then falls down the stair case. Ouch. 


The actor playing Rashi, Rucha Hasabnis needed some time off for her personal affairs and so she decided to quit the show. Hence, the makers killed her on-screen character, but not before giving her some well-deserved character development.