TVF’s latest show Aspirants is all the rage right now because it brought alive the reality of thousands of UPSC aspirants in a unique, heartwarming, and naturally, hilarious way. 

And while Abhilash, Guri, and SK’s friendship and Sandeep bhaiya may be fictional, it has enough reality sprinkled it to make it oh-so-relatable.

Like Rajendra Nagar being the hub of UPSC aspirants, the struggles of UPSC aspirants when it comes to choosing the right subject, and of course, the emotions that many who fail to clear the exam go through.  

But that’s not all that is inspired by real-life! Remember the opening scene featuring Abhilash on a bus stand, advising people about MRP and the right way to dispose of a plastic water bottle? 

Well, that is apparently inspired by this real-life incident of an IAS officer at a railway station who informs people why they should not pay more than the MRP, and why they need to dispose of plastic water bottles in the right manner. 

This incident is from two years ago, and ever since the show came out, people have been flocking to the original video and comparing the two. 

No wonder the show is a hit! 

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