Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year didn’t make sense when it came out in 2012 and it definitely doesn’t make any sense now. The film is a blaring neon red flag and we have 7 exact reasons why it set the worst standards for teen movies in India. 

1. Women hate other women and constantly pull each other down in this film. Shanaya and Tanya are constantly making crass remarks about each other, instead of blaming the fuckboi Rohan for his behaviour. 

2. Shanaya is supposed to be a strong, independent woman, right? Then why does she take Rohan’s cheating sitting down? He literally flirts with other women in front of her and her solution is to use Abhi to do the same? What is wrong with these people. 

3. No college, I repeat, no college looks like this. Nobody sings and dances for the new kid, in fact on most occasions, you’re completely ignored. 

4. The blatant classism and stereotypes this film propagates get a little hard to digest. Clearly nobody is happy with the life they have and instead of getting therapy, everyone is either trying to sabotage relationships or steal trophies. 

5. This film is so homophobic! The principle, who is effeminate to say the least, is constantly sexually harassing the coach and even wants to get his wife out of the picture. 

6. If the entire competition is about winning a scholarship, why were these students who already dressed in Gucci and Prada competing? If you can afford those clothes, you can afford this obnoxious university. 

7. While it is easy to blame Rohan and Abhi for their massive fight and the chaos that follows, it was actually Shanaya who was the villain of this film. She plays the confused damsel in distress card to mess around with the emotions of two boys who are giving her attention. 

This movie was just one big WTF.