So Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are happily married now (as if we even needed to mention that). But we can’t help obsessing over the intense madness that was their reception. Here’s the crazy shenanigans’ galore from #SonamKiShaadi.

When SRK and Bhai sang the worst-yet-cutest rendition of ‘Yeh Bandhan Toh‘ to Sunita Kapoor.

When these Bollywood heavyweights gave us this ultimate 90s throwback.

When papa Anil Kapoor brought out his A-game as cool talli uncle.

And these two normies chimed in but couldn’t be half as awesome.

Go home, everyone else. Daddy cool’s in the house. You too, Arjun.

When Karan Johar out-Sonamed Sonam.

When it was Sonam & Anand’s wedding, but Ranveer & Arjun were true #RelationshipGoals.

Just look at these two #LoveBirds.

Essentially being all of us at karaoke.

When Varun Dhawan finally made the cut for the drunk list.

When the bride and groom were the soberest people in this HNI dance group.

But soon proved that all they needed was a little dose of signature Ranveer-ness.

When Ranveer was basically at peak-Ranveer.

Ranveer Singh on the Dance Floor.

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When Kareena, Alia, and Karisma gave us all #SquadGoals, #DrunkGoals, and #SelfieGoals all at once.

And finally, when this awesome acid trip of a cross between sangeet dance and ringa-ringa-roses happened.

What a memorable night! Not for them, maybe. They’ve possibly forgotten all about it already. :wink: