We’ve all stumbled into awkward or embarrassing situations during intimate moments. And it has nothing to do with us or the people involved, but more so with how messy and unpredictable sexual acts can be. Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared their most embarrassing moments while getting intimate is so relatable! Here, read for yourselves;

1. “When my ex and I kissed and made out for the first time, he squeezed my boob so hard I almost screamed. He was so embarrassed.”


2. “I puked on his dick. In my defense, he thrusted too hard and I couldn’t breathe. I was so embarrassed. But being the gentleman he is, he consoled me and I felt even worse.”


3. “Queefed many, many times and he finally asked me what was that. His housekeeper walked in on us literally amidst the act, we just stared at her startled while she hastily closed the door, there were three people present in the hall who witnessed her doing this and they figured it out. Then, tried to ride this guy who was a little bit on the smaller side, and it just kept popping out.”


4. “Farted.”


5. “He was fingering me and I started menstruating at that exact moment. No blood in my panties. He had my period blood all over his hands. We had just started dating and I was so embarrassed, my mind went blank. Didn’t know how to react. I kept saying sorry but he was totally cool with it. Now it is a kind of a loving memory because of how his reaction, or the lack thereof, eventually calmed me down. I loved him a little more that day.”


6. “I wanted to give him a porn-esque experience for his birthday, so I tried waking him up with a BJ, he woke up in shock thinking our dog was licking him. Earned a new nickname that day.”


7. “Queefed twice during sex while changing positions, he didn’t give two fucks about it lol and kept going. So it wasn’t too embarrassing for me.”


8. “Well… My then BF was eating and licking me down there and I farted .. like a really nasty one.”


9. “Had a very similar incident to the OP.. after making out he kept my head on his lap and a few minutes later, when I was feeling excited again.. I got up and banged my head on bed side drawer. He laughed like crazy.”


10. “My bf (now ex) pinned me against the wall while kissing and my hair claw poked right back into my head, so I screamed. He thought the making out hurt me and was concerned.

Also his mother kept barging into the room randomly with tea and coffee for us, we were almost caught. He knew when his mom was just about to enter, great instinct.”


We’ve all been there, it’s all good!