It’s Indian cinema and not just Bollywood that has been churning out some fabulous movies. Thanks to OTT platforms, we now have an array of films from different states to enjoy. 

And, this is why we bring you a list of regional horror films for you to add to your must-watch list. Thank us later.  

1. Lapachhapi – Marathi

When a couple is kicked out of their own city home, they find a house in a sugarcane field that is apparently haunted. As it turns out, the ghost is actually after their unborn baby. 
You can watch it on Zee5

2. Yavarum Nalam – Tamil 

Manohar shifts into his dream house along with his family. Things go for a toss when he starts to experience a series of supernatural events. He, soon, realises the events in his life follow suit with a reality TV show that all the family members watch together.
You can watch it on  Disney+ Hotstar.

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3. Arundhati – Telugu 

This movie is about an evil spirit who has accidentally been freed from his tomb and is now to out continue his wrong-doings after 3 generations. It’s only Arundhati, a princess who can save everyone from his wrath. 
You can watch it on YouTube


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4. U Turn – Kannada 

An intern at a leading news agency notices that whoever takes a U-turn on a flyover, dies by suicide the same day. Hellbent to find out the reason for this, she comes to know there’s no human foul-play in this and might just be the works of two spirits who died at the same spot. 
You can watch it on Netflix

5. Chaarulatha – Kannada 

Charu and Latha are conjoined twin sisters who love each other dearly. But things change between them when both of them fall for the same guy. In an effort to separate them physically, one of the sisters dies during surgery and haunts the one who survived. But, there’s more in store because that might just not be the whole truth, after all. 
You can watch it on YouTube

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6. Ezra – Malayalm

Priya and her husband move to a new city where she is not able to adjust at all. One day, while shopping she comes across an antique box and brings it home. Things start to change as soon as she opens the box. Turns out, the box actually carries the ghost of Ezra who once released wreaks havoc. It even has Prithviraj Sukumaran and Priya Anad in the lead.
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar

7. Shob Bhooturey – Bengali 

Aniket’s father used to run a magazine where he wrote about his supernatural experiences. After his death, Aniket makes a decision to shut down his business but is contacted by the headmaster of a village school where mysterious events take place. Aniket sets out to help them, reluctantly but soon realises there’s more than what meets the eye.
You can watch it on Prime Video

8. Manichitrathazhu – Malayalam 

The movie was such a hit when it came out that it was remade in four languages. One of them being, Bhool Bhulaiyaa in Hindi. The story revolves around a spirit of a dancer who is locked in a house. The plot thickens when Ganga unlocks the room where the spirit was shut in. Now, she’s out to take revenge at any cost. 
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

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9. SIKKA – Punjabi 

While playing a game, a group of boys, end up summoning a spirit after tossing a coin. Thing becomes problematic when the spirit refuses to go.


10. Pizza – Tamil

A pizza delivery boy who doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits, finds himself locked in a haunted house. He, somehow, escapes but things start to take a U-turn as the movie progresses. 
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar

11. Kanchana – Tamil 

A transgender woman, Kanchana, along with her family were brutally murdered by corrupt politicians. They took over her land which is why her spirit roamed the same place where she was buried in hopes to take revenge. She, then, ends up haunting Raghava. There is also a Bollywood remake of this, starring Akshay Kapoor and Kiara Advani- Laxmii. 
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar

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12. Varathan – Malayalam

Abin and Priya have to move back to their ancestral house after he loses his job in Dubai. But it seems like it’s just the starting of their troubles because soon they find themselves in a terrifying fix. Oh, and what’s more, it has Fahadh Faasil in it. So, extra points right there. 
You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar

13. Game Over – Tamil & Telugu 

Swapna is a rape survivor, suffers from PTSD, and is scared of the dark. She gets a tattoo made after which she starts getting bizarre dreams while there’s a serial killer on the loose. One day, the serial killer attacks Swapna but will she be able to fight them off? 
You can watch it on Netflix

Well, which one are you going to watch this weekend?