If I were to think about the most authentic talk show from India, my heart and mind would fly back to Rendezvous with Simi Garewal (2001). Celebs who graced the chat show seemed so exceedingly candid that it’s no surprise that the snippets of the conversation go viral even today. One such celebrity who was way ahead of her time when the show premiered is Rekha.

A few clips of Rekha from the chat show have gone viral on Twitter. In the clips, the OG actress is literally asserting that a woman doesn’t need a man to make her feel secure at a time when women were viewed as incomplete without a male counterpart. She also gasped at Simi’s suggestion of returning to the show with a husband and asked why couldn’t she marry a woman.

Twitter is lauding the actress. Here’s how people are reacting.


Queen for a reason!

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