Netflix’s latest, ‘hot-mess’ drama Masaba Masaba gave us an insight into the beautifully empowering bond that designer, Masaba Gupta shares with her national award-winning mother, Neena Gupta. 


But what I as a viewer was most pleasantly surprised to see was that this celebrity mother-daughter duo is just like most of us. 

They fight, they make up, they give each other the silent treatment, and yet behind all that bitter-sweetness, they are each other’s rock, always pushing one-another to do their best. 

These relatable and empowering scenes from the show have made an imprint on us, even after the first season left us on a nail-biting cliffhanger: 

1. After having a rough day, when Masaba literally runs to her mom’s house to find some comfort, Neena Ji understands her situation, respects her personal space and waits for her to open up, even if it kills her: 

2. Neena Ji throwing a sassy shade on Masaba for being too busy to help her mother choose a saree made me realise the universality of these passive-aggressive taunts. 

3. Admit it, we all had a major guilt trip when Neena Ji turned into a typical desi mom, counting all the ‘crimes’ of love and caring they do for us that literally keep us alive: 

4. This scene will literally make you realise that Indian parents scrutinise or mock their kids for not being independent enough without realising that they have smothered us with love into being heavily dependent on them. 

5. That moment when Masaba keeps her differences with her mother aside to support her mom for taking such a bold step on social media, had me teary-eyed. It was empowering in so many ways: 

6. Masaba further ensured that their fight was not a good enough reason to give her mother the silent treatment when she was in need of a little reassurance from her side: 

7. That moment when Neena Ji offered to cancel all her appointments because she wanted to help her daughter, Masaba, it truly reminded me of all the times our mothers felt guilty for priroitising themselves over our interests: 

8. When Masaba became Neena Ji’s parent and emphasised on celebrating even her baby steps which would eventually lead to a bigger success. This scene made me realise that somewhere between slogging and cheering for our success, our parents forget to celebrate their milestones: 

9. Despite the chaos in her own personal life, Masaba surprised Neena Ji on the sets of her first comeback film as a lead to show support and cheer for her, even when Neena Ji couldn’t attend Masaba’s fashion show:

10. Neena Ji gifting Masaba a small token of acceptance and making peace with the fact that Masaba had moved out of the house, for good was the most heartwarming moment in the series: 

11. When Masaba and Neena Ji’s relationship made us realise that the truest form of love that we crave doesn’t always need to be a romantic association but can also be found in the bitter-sweet comfort of a mother-daughter relationship. 

BRB, giving a huge bear-hug to my mom and thanking her for always being my constant.