Main Hoon Na‘s end credit scene is something all of us loved and enjoyed. A unique end to the film, it had its quirks, especially one that most of us missed. 

And this particular part of Suniel Shetty’s introduction in the end credit song, Ye Fizaein, went viral years ago. Especially the part when the camera pans into a newspaper article – which is basically a rant by a crew member! 

Everyone was hailing this ‘intern’ who made our day with this easter egg!

It reads:

I seriously don’t know why the hell I am typing this because no one will be able to read this through the camera but I guess I have no choice. You see the thing is that the colours don’t match so basically I have to write this whole thing out. I am thinking of handing this honourable job to my two hardworking colleagues.

And years later, we finally know who the person behind the article is! It’s Vishal Punjabi, Founder, The Wedding Filmer. Who would have guessed. 

Vishal shared that he thought nobody would notice when he wrote the newspaper article, while working as an assistant director in Main Hoon Na


Didn’t spot the article the first time? Watch the song here:

The internet truly never forgets!