The more money you’ve got, the more ways you need to find to spend it. We don’t live in an equal world, and the facilities we get are different too. It’s obvious rich people live an opulent life, and one can only imagine the privilege they have in their life.

Accept it or not, there’s a very thin line between rich people’s problems and privilege. We have spotted some of those privileges! Read on.

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1. “Money is just a means to an end. You have it, you spend it, you get more. So you are fine spending to take your extended family on a great trip or whatever, it’s all good. But to them, money is freighted. They overthink it and worry about how much you spend, and it burdens the relationship unnecessarily. You lose touch with its value. Do I tip this person $10 or $20? Is it weird if I give them $100? It’s like Monopoly money.”


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2. “It becomes hard to raise kids that aren’t spoiled. Maybe you don’t spoil the kids, but the people around you do.”


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3. “When I’m cooking, I often mess up because I’m not sure if an ingredient I need quickly is in my kitchen fridge or my second, outside fridge.”


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4. “Houses that aren’t lived in rot away very quickly. When you’re rich enough to have multiple houses, that becomes an issue, because you’ll be splitting your time between then and constantly coming home to problems.”


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5. “Inadequate vacations. My boss’s wife once complained she had to vacation in Florida and then mocked an open bullpen of male employees stating “no woman is going to marry any of you if you can’t promise them at least Hawaii for a Honeymoon.”


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6. “Having been there and done that. Only so many trips and fancy dinners you can do before it gets a little repetitive as well. Only so many material possessions that are worth buying and once you have basically everything.”


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7. “One time a girl in my class said to me “If they raise taxes for the rich we won’t be able to go on our vacations every other month!” She was dead serious. God forbid she can’t go to Rome for the sixth time because some families can’t pay their electrical bills.”


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8.” Only having to wait a very small amount of time for your car to be fixed while complaining about your day being ruined, while other people can’t afford to even have the car towed home and either have to have a friend help or not at all and wait months, years and even never have a car back on the road at all.”


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9. “Finding entertainment. The richest people I have met are often very bored because they have too many options available to them. There is nothing they HAVE to do so they are often left kind of aimless.”


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10. “Not having to work because you have money, becoming bored without a purpose. Not understanding the value of money.”


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11. “Having so much money that they need to find something to spend it on like a charity, campaign, or a wildlife fund.”


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12. “One of the craziest comments I ever heard was during a conversation with two very wealthy people. “I can easily justify spending two or three thousand on a bottle of wine, but I just can’t justify the cost of jet fuel. Life is full of tough decisions.”


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13. “Not knowing who your true friends are/if your family even really cares about you or if they’re just there for the money. I would never want to be rich or famous.”


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14. “Feeling that your problems are not as important as “real” problems, even though to you they are of maximum importance and emotional weight.”


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15. “Everything starts getting a lot more complicated. Money makes stuff simpler to a point. But once you cross a threshold, everything starts to get more and more complex. Bigger house, more to repair. More cars, more to maintain. Lots of stocks, more complicated taxes. You start hiring “People” to take care of it.”


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16.”What to spend all the money on? Seriously, this is a problem. You can only save so many investments at a risk. My boss’s boss is extending his MANSION simply because he needs to use the money somehow even though he doesn’t need the space.”


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17. “A feeling of inadequacy that no matter how successful or brilliant you are, you’ll never be as successful as your parents.”


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18. “Making a decision which car to use this morning. Which watch to use; which food to eat; who not to meet today and a plethora of problems.”


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19. “When you’re nanny needs time off and you have to reschedule your nail appointment. Nah you don’t work but you need ME time.”


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