Rich people are often idiots. That’s right. They are so out of touch with reality that just shows. They say random things, they ask people on the internet to roast them, and they try preaching shit nobody cares about. Anyhow, every once in a while, people get pissed and roast the crap out of them. 

1. Yeah, she needs to watch Parasite, with subtitles. I don’t think she got it. 

2. Yes, Arnold. If we all had jacuzzis and cigars, and a mansion, none of us would ever come outside. pandemic or not. 

3. I don’t think millionaires any idea about what we eat to begin with.

4. The dude went on the internet and asked for it. 

Roast the rich kid from r/RoastMe

5. Again, the dude who named his kid X Æ A-Xii but has a problem with pronouns, literally asked for it. 

6. Same with the food delivery services here in the national capital!

7. That burn will hurt a lot more than Trump’s loss. 


8. Racist people are all so stupid. Co-incidence? I think not. 


9. Fuentes’ gonna die a virgin, this way. 


10. Well, well, well, aren’t the oil companies getting too excited about morals? 


11. I just don’t get it. Why would you just ask random people on the internet to roast you? 


12. Ah, men and their rules!

Wait for it!

13. You shouldn’t be messing with AOC on Twitter. That’s just a good way to get your feelings hurt. 


14. Rich people just don’t get it. 

15. Oh, the Trumps are still making us laugh. That’s nice. 


16. The dude once said he thought slavery was a choice. So obviously the bar is too freaking low. 

Well, this won’t eat the rich but it’ll get a good laugh. That’ll be enough for the day.