Roadies auditions could be a separate show on their own, with the amount of drama they have to offer. Here, we have selected some with contestants who wanted to prove themselves but ended up proving God knows what!

1. A legend, if you ask me. Was selected despite failing miserably.

2. When you think you can outsmart Raghu. The man can fight with a wall, I mean… 

3. “Gandhinagar is a place in Ahmedabad only”. We know one person who wouldn’t be happy with this answer.

4. At one point the guy in the video asks, “Roadies kya hai? Kya hai Roadies?” and while he seems too cocky, this is one question I’d have to admit I ask too.

5. This one legit called them “bhaiya“.

6. Umm…

7. I am sure went and listened to ghazals after this.

8. While the contestant here was not the most ideal choice, Raghu was also peak Raghu at this point.

Roadie banega tu?