We’ve gotten so hooked with memes that we don’t even realise they’ve entered our lingo. That said, how many of us have held back from saying “I’m not interested yaar, mujhe sunna hi nahi hai” to someone who has annoyed the heck out of us? None, I’m sure. 

And while saying this we camouflage ourselves into the Roadies Parody guy who is the face of this meme. (Thank god I’m not alone!)

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We’re bringing him up today because there’s some trivia about him that we’re sure you’re unaware of.

Deepak Kumar Mishra, who rose to fame after impersonating Raghu Ram in TVF’s Roadies parody,  is apparently the director of our current favourite comedy-drama Panchayat.

No wonder we get the dose of laughter in every episode, he’s the brain behind it after all. A Twitter user also confirmed it through his Instagram bio. 

Just like us, Twitter is taken aback too and is showering him with praise.

This is the video after which Deepak Kumar Mishra came to prominence in the mainstream.  


All we have to say to Panchayat makers is: I’m very much interested yaar, mujhe aur seasons dekhne hai!