It had to happen at some point, and if September 15, 2022, was the chosen date for it, then it was. Roger Federer has retired from Grand Slam tennis and won’t be touring anymore, the 20-time Grand Slam winner announced today.

In his audio/written notes, Federer said:

As many of you know, the past three years have presented me with challenges in the form of injuries and surgeries. I’ve worked hard to return to full competitive form. But I also know my body’s capacities and limits…the Laver Cup next week in London will be my final ATP event. I will play more tennis in the future, of course, but just not in Grand Slams or on the tour.

This is an official declaration also of the fact that he won’t be ending his career as the man with the most number of Grand Slam titles, a worry many of his fans, including the one on this side, carried with themselves for years.

Ironic, how that matters the least today.

As Roger Federer ends his touring career, here are a few of the millions of reactions pouring in from across the world.

Thank you, Roger. The “young Swiss ball kid” came a long way, didn’t he?