RRR, the movie which broke several records, has been garnering love from all across the world. From the intriguing plotline and on-point acting to the flawless direction, people have been loving almost everything about this action-packed movie.

As soon as the movie was dropped, it became a sensation as fans flooded their social media with love for the actors and the movie. From incredible dance sequences to mesmerizing action sequences, this three-hour fictional movie has several goosebumps-worthy scenes.

We have compiled a list of these mind-blowing scenes from RRR. Let’s check these out, shall we?

1. The introduction of Alluri Sitarama Raju.

Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan), an Indian officer serving in the British Army, was cunningly introduced as the villain of the movie as he took on an enraged mob single-handedly. The choreographed action sequence was nothing but chilling as he clawed his back to his army.

2. The introduction of Bheem.

Bheem (NT Rama Rao Jr), the other hero, was introduced to the audience with a cat-and-mouse chase that made us all sit on the edge of our seats. The actor, who wanted to trap a wild tiger in a net, was seen being chased by it. During the end of the hair-raising chase, the tiger is caught but the ropes break down and we see an incredibly strong man, with a roaring tiger just a few inches from his face, holding the ropes together.

3. Both of them risked their lives for a stranger.

When both the characters risked their respective lives for a little boy, who was about to drown because of a train blast. This scene, which received a massive round of hooting and cheering, marked the beginning of their friendship.

4. Bheem unleashed several wild animals.

When Bheem finally discovers the location of the young girl from his village, who was taken by the wife of the governor, he unleashes a number of wild animals including tigers, bears, leopards, wolves and deer in their compound and rescues the girl.

5. Venkata Rama Raju and his promise to his son, Raju.

Venkata Rama Raju (Ajay Devgn) might have played a short cameo in the movie but that single scene had a great impact on the plotline of the movie. The scene where he asks his son, Raju, to promise him that he will get a weapon for each of his villagemen took our breath away.

6. Bheem’s public flogging.

During Bheem’s public flogging, Raju, who got promoted for thwarting him, tries to persuade him for recanting his actions. However, he chooses to be flogged by resisting his injuries. Later, Bheem starts singing, leaving the crowd (and us) weeping and rebelling.

7. Bheem frees Raju.

When Bheem learns about Raju being in a prison for saving him, he knew he had to free him. In the great action scene, we witness Raju, who is injured, hopping on Bheem’s shoulders and racing through the prison grounds and taking out everyone in sight.

8. Then came the final battle. 

After becoming friends, enemies and companions, the two friends become allies again. The duo vanishes into the forest as a huge reinforcement is sent to look for them. While Ram becomes an embodiment of Lord Ram, Bheem becomes a personification of Lord Hanuman. After a lot of explosions and swinging motorcycles on fire, they take on several soldiers with the use of an arrow and a bow obtained from a shrine of Lord Ram.

If you haven’t watched RRR yet, you are really missing out on great things!

Please note that all images are taken from Netflix.