Rupali Ganguly, who returned to the screen as a lead in a hit Hindi TV show, was given a new lease of life with Anupamaa. The comparatively progressive show among Hindi serials deals with numerous crucial issues such as infidelity, domestic abuse, and women’s rights in ways never seen before on Indian television.

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Besides coming as a change for Hindi TV, the show also brought a major change in Rupali’s life as well. The actor had earlier decided to dedicate all her time to her son, however, she changed her mind when her husband talked her into taking up the project. 

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When my son was born in 2015, I didn’t want anything else, and just wanted to focus on him, and enjoy every millisecond of motherhood. I started late as a mother, so those moments were very precious for me. 

-Rupali Ganguly to HT

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Anupamaa actor shared that her husband, Ashwin, took time off from his business to support his wife. 

Unexpectedly, pandemic hit at the same time when Rupali Ganguly began with her show. And she found it difficult to leave her child at home and go to the set. However, her husband stepped in and single-handedly managed home while she went on to star in one of the biggest shows on television right now.  

When a show was offered to me, my husband said it’s high time I got my due as an actor. He has been managing everything since, single-handedly. I am never there, unfortunately. I feel like a failure, but my husband does so much, it’s incredible. 

-Rupali Ganguly to HT

Speaking of her husband, Rupali asserted that he has been setting a great example for their son. She went on to speak about how her husband has stood as a strong pillar for her and is a hands-on father as well.

I am blessed to have a man like that in my life who supports a woman so much. He doesn’t need to send his wife out for work, but he takes the onus for her to go out there and make a mark for herself. 

-Rupali Ganguly to HT

Undoubtedly, we love men who come forward and support the women in their life. Especially when they smash patriarchal roles and gender stereotypes that society has so unfairly set.