Ever since he stole our hearts back in 2004 in The Notebook , Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has left an indelible mark in all of us. From the stellar performances in all of his movies to providing us daily inspiration with his ‘Hey Girl’ memes, there’s no ignoring Gosling’s ovary-exploding awesomeness.

So on the Hollywood heartthrob’s birthday, we present you with 35 photos guaranteed to make you swoon.

1. The gaze that pierces through your entire being.

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2. Oh yeah, baby.

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3. Bath time with this bearded vision is bound to be the best kind of foreplay.

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4. Look at him. Dapper AF.

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5. How can one person be so hot and so adorable at the same time? Just, HOW?

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6. Never have I been more jealous of a fruit.

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7. Who wouldn’t want to get lost at sea with this smouldering beauty?

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8. Don’t you want to unzip that shiny distraction from this perfect body?

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9. Let’s drink to the perfection that Ryan Gosling is!

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10. Hooded Ryan Gosling in the sun, with a ukelele. Damn right!

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11. That stare will make you go weak in the knees without fail. Every single time.

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12. I love you, Emma Stone. But get out of my way!

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13. Those sad, sad eyes make us want to smother him with all the love in the world.

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14. Won’t you ditch those glares and check me checking you out?

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15. Fix my car. Fix everything.

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17. That jawline. HOT DAMN.

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18. *jelly knees*

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19. Whatever point you’re trying to make darling, I believe you.

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20. If only our college sweethearts looked like THAT.

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21. NOBODY rocks the hipster glasses like this beauty.

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22. I want to be handled like that, yes.

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23. It’s absolutely impossible for him to NOT look dapper, even in an aztec t-shirt.

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24. How about you let us run our fingers through your hair instead, you hottie?

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25. I could sit on that porch next to him and just creepily stare. Maybe salivate a little.

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26. Yes. Let’s go to bed, Mr Sleepy Eyes.

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27. I’m sure we can all relate with that lady in the back.

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28. Table for two, yes?

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29. BRB. Dying.

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30. I can think of so much we can do on that table.

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31. Right back atcha!

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32. Nobody in their right mind can turn down that impish smirk.

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33. It’s that stare again. *sigh*

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34. Dibs on that chiselled face.

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35. Would you LOOK at that swagger? Effortlessly twirling his way into our hearts.

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Hey Ryan, we adore you. Have a happy thirty fifth!