Indian TV soaps are quite notorious for lacking basic logic. Not all, no, but many are! And as much as we love to sit with our moms and gossip over the spicy plot twists of these shows, sometimes when the logic goes out the window, it’s hard not to notice. 

For instance, how this viral clip from TV soap Saath Nibhaana Saathiya shows a character named Radha pick up a steam iron mistaking it for her phone and almost burns herself because of it!


The clip has been shared on Instagram by Bollyh00d  and it also shows the main lead of the show, Gopi Modi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) blocking the iron from burning Radha’s face with her HAND. I mean, why didn’t the heat of the iron affect Gopi?


There are comments on the video asking how Radha did not feel the difference in the weight of the iron vs. the phone? 

The sad part is, the actors in this scene are currently at the brunt of the mockery. But I am wondering how the makers of the show even allowed this to be written in? Here’s the full clip for you to watch, take a look for yourselves. 

And here are the epic comments the video has received. 

Also, phones do not have handles to hold them by? Hopefully our TV soaps are going to do a better job than this now.