“Momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse.”

I bet you read those lines in the high-pitched, nasal voice of Rosesh Sarabhai

And, why not? 

The 70 episodes of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai have left an everlasting impact on us. In my opinion, there hasn’t been a better comedy show on Indian TV than this one in decades. 

And thankfully, it is now coming back, this time as a web series on Hotstar


The magic of the show is such that we’re still obsessed with watching reruns of the show.  

Each episode brings in so much to look forward to. Rosesh’s poetry recital, a snarky remark by Indravadan, a new bargaining tactic by Monisha and a feisty comeback by Maya.

And amidst all of them, we often end up ignoring Sahil Sarabhai who actually balances out the crazy in the Sarabhai household.


The man is the family’s unofficial problem-solver. 

He is the one Maya calls when she finds Indravadan’s stash of cookies and chocolates. He is the one Monisha turns to when Maya doesn’t approve pf her clothes, or food, or house, basically her entire existence.

His husband skills are so on point, our reality is now disillusioned.

He is a better-than-perfect husband because honestly, surviving on the food that Monisha cooks definitely takes some courage. It has to take some crazy amount of patience to survive in a house that’s as messed up as theirs. 

And yet, never has his love for Monisha dimmed for even a second!

Sahil is the perfect son who actually adult-ed. 

His mother finds him to be the intelligent one. Indravadan believes that Sahil will support him no matter what. 

Basically, Sahil is the voice of conscience for every member of the house.

He is the quintessential man stuck when his mother and wife.

The time when both Maya & Monisha contested for their society’s elections was a true test for Sahil

He doesn’t leave an opportunity to mock his brother and yet, supports him wholeheartedly.

When Rosesh fell in love with Yuyu, Sahil was completely supportive. Or the time when Rosesh found out that his birth wasn’t planned, Sahil offered him a shoulder to cry on.


There’s hardly any flaw in Sahil’s personality!

It’s like all the check boxes for perfection have been ticked in Sahil‘s life and honestly, he makes us wonder if such men do exist in real life!

While we love the show for all its crazy characters, it’s only because of Sahil that we can appreciate their craziness. It’s his point of view that makes us laugh at Rosesh’s over-the-top antics and Maya’s eyebrow-raising fundraisers.


While Rosesh, Maya, Indravadan and Monisha, are known for their punchlines, it’s Sahil’s expressions that complete the joke!  


To the return of Sarabhai!