Actor Salman Khan was recently hospitalised after being bit by a snake thrice at his Panvel farmhouse. An incident after which he made friends with the snake and took a selfie with it. 

He was obviously joking about the latter. 

Or not?

Anyway, he was taken care of by the able doctors and celebrated his birthday some hours later. It has been a few days now, and he is news again. This time for riding an autorickshaw on the streets of Panvel. 

People have been sharing the video on social media, and you can watch the same here.

As for his health, he seems to be doing to be better now. Speaking about the snake incident, he had earlier given a statement:

My sister was quite scared, but I made friends with the snake and got a picture clicked with it. It must have also bit me because it was scared. It was good that this hospital was very quick. They were well equipped, they had an anti-venom for all kind of snake bites. Our commissioner of police, Bipin Kumar sir, our MLA Sandeep Naik, all rushed to the hospital too, and it helped a lot.

Bhai is out and about!