Thanks to the constant promotion and the dozens of posters that were released almost everyday online, Salman Khan’s Tubelight has gotten many people interested way ahead of its Eid 2017 release.

Salman Khan

To take the hysteria to another level, the teaser for the film was finally released yesterday at 8:58 p.m. 

Why 8:58 p.m. though? Well, nobody knows.

Salman Khan Films

And to be honest, the trailer looked nice. Kinda heartwarming, feel good. You know, some ‘awww’ inducing stuff.

However, it reminded me of something. I delved a little deeper and came across the trailer of a 2015 movie called Little Boy and couldn’t help but notice certain similarities. 

To begin with, both movies seem to have a premise where someone innocent and pure-hearted tries to stop the war for the sake of a loved one.

In Little Boy, the kid does it for his father.

In Tubelight, man-child Salman Khan seems to be doing it for Sohail Khan.

In both the movies, a magician seems to playing a pivotal role in giving a certain kind of power to the protagonist.

But what seals the deal is this one particular scene that seems to have inspired director Kabir Khan a little too much.

Now just as I was beginning to marvel at the director’s audacity, I saw this little credit at the end of the teaser that said the film was indeed based on Little Boy.

But it still makes us wonder whether the movie is a direct replica of the original, a direct scene-by-scene lift. After all, inspiration, adaptation and a direct lift-off are different things, no?

Salman Khan Films

Is it justified? 

Check out the trailer for Little Boy right here and decide for yourself.

 What do you think?