Pathaan, since the time of its release, has been breaking several records. From selling the most number of tickets on the release date to receiving endless cheers and whistles on each scene, the movie has already attained cult status.

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While there were a bunch of scenes that received rave responses from the audience, there were just a few scenes that made our hearts beat faster.

And, one such scene was the most-awaited cameo from the movie.

Credits: Twitter

Salman Khan, who donned his iconic black and white scarf from the Ek Tha Tiger franchise around his neck in his cameo in this movie, was one of the major highlights of the movie.

The scene starts with a ‘scarf’ dangling from the ceiling of the train and the audience couldn’t stop hooting their lungs out as everyone knew what was coming next.

Trust me, it has to be the loudest cheer, ever in cinema history, where people were cheering so loud for a frickin piece of cloth!

As soon as the actor made an appearance on our screens and started beating the hell out of the villains, ALONG with his scarf, the entire theatre was vibrating with excitement and gave a stadium vibe.

Here’s a small video to relive the excitement, once again:

This is exactly the ‘swagat nahi karoge hamara’ vibes!