Have you ever heard a song after years of listening to it as a child and paused to think, “Wait…” ?

There are several songs that we grew up singing and dancing along to in front of our families. However, in hindsight, the lyrics are not very family-friendly. The double meaning and layered lyrics are buried under the beautiful melodies and voices of musicians. The meaning of other songs often get missed out too.

You are not alone. The internet is laughing along with singer Sanaea Bubber, who dissects songs on her Instagram page. She translates Hindi Bollywood songs in a humorous way and perfectly embodies all our responses.

Sanaea started her series with the popular song of the early 2000s, Kaanta Laga. The song was especially famous at the time and it was a common sight for children to dance on it at family gatherings. In hindsight, the lyrics are filled with sexual innuendos, which seemingly ruin Sanaea and our childhoods.

Similarly, she translated Choli Ke Peeche. This song is not layered or subtle in any way and is blatant in its sexual nature. However, her hilarious reactions won over the internet as we collectively cringed at the…sounds.

In her videos, she is often seen listening to the songs while enacting household chores. The realization of the meanings of the lyrics hits her in the middle of the task, making her lose control while being completely mindblown.

Furthermore, she is even better at captioning her videos to highlight the bizarreness and hilarity of the metaphors and innuendos. The singer and comedian is receiving all the compliments she deserves and even more requests to cover more songs.

The internet loves her expressions, editing, captions, comic timing and dance moves just as much as her choice of songs. She agrees that some of the meanings might just be the fun that comes with making up your own inappropriate meanings to phrases that may be innocent.

Sanaea also responds to Indian parents criticizing current music for being terrible and glamourizing old songs. She highlights older songs with blatantly layered lyrics that are filled with innuendos.

Sanaea is an internet user and did not miss the opportunity to dance to Internet’s favourite song from the movie Prem Aggan. The song, Exercise, is widely known on the Internet due to it being part of Pretentious Movie Reviews and Indian meme culture.

One of Internet’s favorite content creator, especially with her being a talented musician along with her comedy. Why ruin our childhoods, though?

We will never be able to listen to some songs without seeing Sanaea doing her chores.