A little sarcasm can make life dramatically interesting. And that’s why your friends are friends with you.

Your words can burn like acid! Your friends have been offended by your little ‘flaw’ many a time. But a lot of times, your sarcasm has been highly entertaining too. They may love you or hate you, but just can’t ignore you!

If you’re the tadka of sarcasm in your friends circle, the words that follow will make complete sense to you.

1. You are the last one to know your friends’ scandalous secrets. They think twice before telling you because your cutting remarks really sting!

2. Your friends have learnt not to argue with you because they have seen you shut people up with a sarcastic comment that is 100% true.

3. For the same reason, your friends always want you to back them up when they argue with someone.

4. You have been temporarily blocked on Facebook by your friends many times because your sarcasm finds its way to Facebook too.

5. You are misunderstood a lot of times because you are too blunt; your friends have often switched on their ‘not talking to you’ mode.

6. But sooner or later, they realize that you were right and learn to value your wisdom. They turn to you whenever they want real advice.

7. Many of your sarcastic comments have become quotable quotes. Your friends use these to their advantage in different situations.

8. People who don’t know you find you intimidating or arrogant, and that upsets you sometimes. Your friends console you saying, “They’re dumb. Unko kuch nahi pata.

9. Sometimes your friends accuse you of being sarcastic even when you’re not!

10. And when you’re not being sarcastic, they ask you, ” Tujhe aaj kya ho gaya? Are you upset about something?”

11. They introduce you to people they don’t like so that they can watch you take their case.

12. You are their Google whenever they need a good comeback. Your friends ask you this A LOT: “What should I reply to this message?”

13. Innumerable times, your friends give you the you-did-not-just-say-that look.

14. Your friends keep telling you that you’re too sarcastic in life. Only you know that you can be a hundred times more sarcastic but you tone it down because you love your friends and don’t want to be mean to them.