The comedy-drama Schitt’s Creek scripted history when it became the first show to win awards in all comedy categories at the 72nd Emmy Awards. Snubbed for its first five seasons, this was most definitely, a well-deserved win. 

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But, long before Emmys decided that Schitt’s Creek was nothing like your usual sitcoms, the show had found a place in my heart and repeat-binge list. 

Because Schitt’s Creek is, without a doubt, one of the happiest, warmest, most wonderful shows ever created. 


Schitt’s Creek tells the story of an uber-rich family, the Roses, who’re left with nothing but a town called Schitt’s Creek when their accountant fleeces them of their life’s earnings by committing tax fraud. 

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The town, that Mr. Rose had actually bought for his son David on a whim, was the only thing that could not be sold or foreclosed. Yes, this seemingly absurd and inherently hilarious plot is what Schitt’s Creek appears to be.


But, in reality, it is much more. 

It is to family sitcoms what Fleabag was to comedy-dramas – a show that revolutionizes the concept of comedy while reminding us of what happens when great writing marries fabulous performances.

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Schitt’s Creek slowly invites you into the lives of each Rose family member. As the show progresses, you gradually get hooked on to the individual struggles, accomplishments, and failures of each family member, as they try to rebuild their lives. 


You have Mr. Rose (Eugene Levy), a self-made businessman who hasn’t lost his entrepreneurial spirit, even though he, like most of our parents, struggles with technology. 

You have Moira Rose (an unbelievably wonderful Catherine O’Hara), whose fashion sense could rival Rihanna, who redefines narcissism but who is also the family’s unexpected cheerleader in those rare times she deigns to pay attention to someone other than herself. 

And then you have the children – Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy), whose adventures are wilder than any that Harry Potter and Indiana Jones, together embarked upon. 

And David (Dan Levy) who sense of aesthetic is even more specific than his idea about the life he should be leading.  

Together, the Roses struggle, fail, run, cry, and basically, fight their way through the hand life dealt them; only to discover love, friendship, success, and most importantly, themselves in the process. 


However, beyond the brilliant performances by the entire star cast (lead and supporting), and the incredible costumes, its the nuanced writing that sets this show apart.


Because, through innocent quips, and simple, honest moments, the show becomes more than a delightful distraction – it becomes a reservoir of life lessons

Like David explaining he is pansexual with a drinking metaphor. (Hands down, one of the best on-screen coming-out scenes)

Schitt’s Creek builds characters that are not perfect – because none of us are. But it gives them room to grow, and these imperfect characters come together to build a society and a life that is the best of what humanity can be. 


That’s what makes this not just a great comedy, but also, the right kind of comedy. It also happens to be one of the most progressive, woke shows I’ve come across in recent times. 


In fact, every comic who has commented that it’s difficult to write jokes because the audience is ‘too sensitive’, should binge-watch Schitt’s Creek and take notes. 


For that matter, every person should binge-watch this show and make notes on writing LGBTQ+ characters without making them a ’cause’, showing real and relatable character developments, and developing larger-than-life characters without caricaturing them. 


In the middle of a pandemic that seems to have exposed every crack our society was ineffectively hiding for years, Schitt’s Creek gave me hope, left me laughing out loud, and kept me sane.

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Schitt’s Creek became that unexpectedly relatable comedy that teaches us to be kinder to ourselves, and take a chance at life, no matter how shitty it may appear.  


If the Roses can not just survive, but rather, thrive after living in two motel rooms for six seasons, then we sure as hell should give ourselves a chance too!