This Sex Quiz Will Accurately Reveal Your Hogwarts House

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Most of us were children when we first read and fell in love with Harry Potter and his magical world. And while we're all adults now, there is still a part of us that wishes to be part of Hogwarts! 

While I may not be able to turn you into a wizard or witch, I can help you determine the Hogwarts house you belong to. All you have to do, is answer these questions on sex and sexual relations: 

1. Which color represents sex and passion for you?

2. Pick your favourite sexual fantasy from below: 

3. You're meeting your SO after a long time. How do you decorate the room for their arrival?

4. Which of the following sex toys would you love to experiment with? 

5. You have to pick a food item to spice up your sex life. What do you pick?

6. Which of the following films gets you in the mood for sex?

7. Pick an animal that you think best represents your attitude towards sex. 

8. From the following, pick a character to date: 

9. According to you, what's the worst thing a sexual partner can do: 

Are you ready to see your House?


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