The Jawan prevue is stuck in all our heads and the only way to get that out, is to replace it with the movie itself. It has also left us with too many questions, and not many people can answer that. Shah Rukh Khan finally realized that and decided to do an AskSRK session, which is just as witty as always. These sessions actually keep getting better each time – but this time it led to a lot more excitement for Jawan.

See for yourself:

1. A Twitter user asked Gauri Khan’s favourite thing about the prevue, and like us, it’s the women in action.

2. Also, SRK likes his bald look. Not that we’re complaining.

3. Someone dared to ask “Poster rlease kyu nahi kiya?”

4. He also had the perfect response to a fan asking about his 2024 plans.

5. And since everybody is talking about the action, he has his own favourite action scene.

6. Oh, and we must talk about the last scene from the prevue. So, he did.

7. Then someone asked about his injuries, and he turned into a poet.

8. He said what everyone is thinking about the bandaged look.

9. We will also have an Arijit Singh song in Jawan.

10. And some King like behaviour.

12. He had a witty response for a fan asking about the ‘surprise’ element in the film.

13. This is just his dilliwali side speaking.

14. Just sweet, sweet SRK.

15. He also finally released the poster, as promised.

Just SRK, talking to people, to promote his film.