Aasmaan mein sitare toh kayi hote hai, par chaand sirf ek hota hai.  

Shah Rukh Khan‘s magnetism is responsible for the racing of countless hearts or perhaps is the reason behind many hearts beating. He transcends way beyond being just an actor or a star. He is an idea. An idea that illustrates how someone can be as magnificent as the moon yet have his feet touch the ground. 

Film fare

This heart warming video which is doing rounds on the Internet serves as just another testimony to his humility and humanity.

This clip that shows SRK on a reality show Sa Re Ga Ma PA Lil Champs grooving to his iconic song chaiyya chaiyya with a specially abed woman in a wheelchair has our hearts melting.  

 The king’s unmatched tenderness and down-to-earth demeanor is the reason behind the influx of happiness in the crowd

Twitter is in awe of the smile SRK has brought to the face of the woman and is yet again saying ek hi dil hai, kitni baar jeetoge?

In a world where disability is a subject of mockery and a reason behind why many individuals are shunned in society, a tad bit of kindness just makes this world better place to live in. Fun fact: Kindness is free of cost. 

C’mon, SRK can do it, what’s your excuse?