“Wo sirf star nahi, duniya hai meri” while for most of you, it must be yet another cinematic dialogue but for me it’s something that pierced my heart and stayed there ever since. 

You read the headline and found it bizarre because it’s exactly when we stop seeking reasons, we start loving someone. And that I don’t have the superpower of being able to enumerate a million reasons in a single piece. You are one hundred percent right.

So we keep our feelings bottled up? Is that what we learnt from him? Nope, that’s precisely what he hasn’t taught us. Keep reading, hope you enjoy this as much as I did while writing it. 

1. He was an outsider who made it big. The ‘rags to riches’ story kids in school deserve to learn. 

2. We owe him our endless pursuit of true love. 

3. He restored our faith in happy endings. Aur agar aisa na ho, toh picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. 

4. He taught us connections can’t be forced and letting go of someone you love isn’t easy but necessary. 


5. Made me immensely love my country and be proud of it a little more. 

6. Time and again demonstrated his versatility. Evil never looked so goddamn sexy. 


7. Swayed us with his unbeatable sense of humour and wit. 

8. He underlined the significance that Indian TV holds with shows like Fauji and Circus.

9. He made us believe that love is the only faith and it transcends all the religious barriers.  


10. His real life love story is what ‘forever’ is made out of. 

The Indian Express

11. He is the feminist man this world needs.

12. His house Mannat by the sea is the proof of no dream is too big to conquer.

India Times

13. He is the greatest lover the country has ever witnessed. Romance is synonymous to SRK, indeed. 

The Indian Express

14. He wears heart on his sleeve for the ones who love him. 

15. His cameos illuminate the films. 

16. When the world was convinced that unrequited love is a kamzori, he made recognise the taaqat it holds. 

17. His dard-e-disco look raised standards for many out there. Girls don’t settle for less, period.

18. He has debunked the idea that superstars lack academic credentials, as he holds a master’s degree in mass communications from the renowned Jamia Millia University and was honoured with doctorate degree at La Trobe University. 

India Today

19. And Hansal Mehta gave us yet another reason to love him a little extra today. 

These and so many more reasons to love the one who taught us the what love really is.