One thing that Barbie and Oppenheimer’s same-day release taught us is that box office clashes don’t matter much if a film looks promising to the audience. In Indian cinema, one such clash is scheduled for the 22nd of December 2023 with SRK’s Dunki and Prabhas’ Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire.

SRK Dunki
Prabhas Salaar

Now, both the stars have an enormous loyal fanbase and have a track record of delivering compelling performances in the past. Both the films are also backed by huge directors, Rajkumar Hirani and Prashanth Neel. All in all, the goodwill of both directors and the star power of the two heroes is such that people are already sensing incoming mega-blockbusters.

However, this has also manifested in a full-blown competition between fans and movie buffs alike. People are predicting the fate of the two movies while picking sides. Take a look.

Salaar has a KGF universe connection, whereas the 2023 record tells us this year belongs to the ultimate king, SRK. No matter who wins, it may just be a win for cinema.